This is the custom WFX 64-pad controller with 17x RGB LED status lights on all pads, banks, and the key switch. This unit has a built-in wireless unit, an LCD screen for remote voltage readings from any banks of pads, on/off/volume control on the buzzer, all in a custom Pelican Case with aluminum anodized insert switch/light face plate. This unit is the brains of a WFX system, for up to 8 banks of up to 8 pads each. Reads good (green-LED)/bad (red-LED) continuity of each pad, reads voltage from the battery at each pad or bank of pads. May only select one bank of pads at a time, but up to 8 pads on that single bank. All features work hard-wired or wireless. This unit may be ordered without the built-in wireless unit.

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