The PBU-8 is the Muscle of the Wilson F/X digital launch control system.  It is an 8 pad, pad-box, designed to fire from 1 to 8 individual pads at a time. The PBU-8 can also be used as a cluster box. Each PBU-8 is also programmed to remember its bank designation as well as each pads own designation until someone reprograms them to a different designation. Re-designating a bank or the individual pads on a bank is very simple and takes only a moment with an LCU-64 to do the programming.  Each pad has its own separate 30 amp automobile relay built into the system, so that each pad has more than enough amperage to get the job done.  Each pad also has its own separate at the pad continuity check to test the igniter when you hook it up to the system so that you know if you have a good igniter before you head back to the flight line.  A PBU-8 can also be used as a cluster box by firing the whole bank at once, or as many as are needed from the single PBU-8 unit or all 8 pads on a PBU-8 can be user programmed to the same pad designation.

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