The WRU-c, is the standard wireless remote transition component of the
Wilson F/X line of launch control products. The WRU-c is available as both a
separate component and in some cases, as a built in component. W-F/X wireless
can be used LOS (line of sight) for distances between the LCO table and your far
pads up to 5000 feet. For transmission distances greater than a mile see the WRU-
xtend units. Each WRU-c unit works as both a receiver and a transmitter,
sometimes sending commands and sometimes responding to commands depending
on where it is being utilized.
You must have at least a pair of WRU-c units one at the launch controller and
one at your pad box in order for the system to operate. You may connect as many
pads as you want to thru a single WRU-c unit. If you have the separate component
then you connect it to your pad box at the Away pad connecting it by the 16/3
communications line of your pad-box. The WRU-c simply replaces the hard wired
16/3 extension cord from between the Launch Controller and your pad-box. For a
completely wireless system you will also need a WRU-adpt which is the power and
communications adapter to connect and power up your LCU-64 or your LCU-128
and its WRU-c unit.
WRU-c units for the USA, transmit on 902-928 MHz transmitting at 250Mw
and use software selected channels as well as unique for each club/person
encryption for interference immunity. No special licensing is required to use these
Transmitters at differing frequencies and power ratings are available for
various international markets/users. Currently we have internationally compliant
wireless systems in Australia and Europe.

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