The PB-1 is a single pad pad-box that works with the LCU-64 as any bank and pad designation that you want to program into it. It takes  just seconds to teach it “who” it is with the LCU-64 and it will remember it’s bank and pad designation till someone gives it a new one.  The PB-1 has the same programming as the PB-8, but with only one pad designation available for its single 30 amp automobile relay.  PB-1’s can be used with PB-8’s in about any combination as pad and bank boxes connected to an LCU-64 for your club’s launch system. The PB-1 also works as a single pad pad-box with the LCU-1 as a home-launch controller for your own home launches. PB-1’s are available in two different sized boxes for those who want a taller box to see in the grass or a smaller box for easier storage.

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