The LCU-64, is short for “Launch Control Unit – 64 Pads.” It is the standard full
system brain. It is a launch controller capable of individually controlling up to 64
separate pads. The controls of the LCU-64 are subdivided into 8 banks and 8 pads.
The communications from the LCU-64 to all the pad boxes run thru standard 16/3
outdoor extension cords and/or wirelessly. You select which bank you want to fire
A thru H, then you select from between one and up to eight of the pads on that bank
to ignite when you push the FIRE button. The system shows the Launch Control
Officer if an igniter is good or bad but even with a false “bad” (some home-made
igniters will read “no-continuity” at the LCU-64 and still work) the system will
automatically “fire” every pad that is selected on any single bank of pads. The
LCU-64 will only operate one bank at a time as a safety feature. If two banks are
selected at the same time, the LCU-64 will send NO fire commands, period. There
is a removable system power on/off key which is only removable in the off position.
And there is a TEACH/VOLTS toggle switch. The TEACH switch is used for
reprogramming bank/pad designations on pad-boxes. The VOLTS switch reports
the voltage of a bank of pads battery thru the LCU-64 to the LCO.

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