ARM-all the Armageddon Switch

The LCU-1/ARM no longer exists.  They are now completely different switches.  The Armageddon Mode is no longer available on the LCU-1 and the LCU-1 programming is no longer available on the ARM Switch.

The Armageddon Switch is the bad boy angry beast of the family of Wilson F/X
digital launch controllers. An Armageddon Switch temporarily overrides the
“single bank only” Wilson F/X safety protocol allowing the Armageddon Switch to
fire all pads on all banks that are connected to the Armageddon Switch. This is for
serious massive Drag Races Only and not for the faint of heart. The Armageddon
Switch will tell every pad connected to the system via wireless or hard wired connection to fire no
matter what is loaded or even if there is anything loaded. The Armageddon Switch
is NOT used for regular launches for the obvious reasons. And lastly, the
Armageddon Switch is NOT available for sale to individuals, but only to clubs.

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